Special Notice To Former Clients Of Kent Mawhinney

Order of Interim Suspension and Appointment of Co-Trustees

January 29, 2020

Docket Number HHD-CV20-6122743-S

The Office of the Chief Disciplinary Counsel placed Attorney Kent Mawhinney on Interim Suspension from the practice of law.

Attorneys Anthony D. Collins and Nancy E. Martin were appointed Co-Trustees of Attorney Mawhinney’s law practice. With this appointment, they are given the power to take steps to protect the interests of Mr. Mawhiney’s clients, inventory the client files, receive the business mail and take control of clients’ funds, IOLTA, and all fiduciary accounts. The Trustees were instructed to notify all active clients of Attorney Mawhinney’s suspension.

Please contact our office by phone or email if you were a client of Attorney Kent Mawhinney to obtain your file, information regarding the client security fund, and a list of lawyers who may be able to represent you.

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