Immigration Consequences of Criminal Arrests/Convictions

Assertive Defense Against Criminal Charges

Last updated on October 9, 2023

Being charged with a crime is often a disorienting experience. You may only understand some of the charges. The language of prosecutors and the courts can be difficult for an ordinary individual to understand after being swept up into the criminal justice system in Connecticut. You may not be sure how to protect your rights.

Many Criminal Defense Lawyers Do Not Understand Immigration Consequences

The biggest mistake any individual can make with a criminal law issue is believing they can handle their situation and their defense on their own. The Fifth Amendment guarantees you the right to remain silent and the right to counsel. Upon your arrest, you should ask to speak to an attorney and then remain silent.

The other huge mistake non-U.S. citizens make is not understanding the immigration consequences of being arrested and/or convicted of a crime.  There are countless cases in Connecticut where immigrants plead guilty to crimes without understanding the immigration consequences.  The results have been tragic – many long-term permanent residents have been deported and family members such as spouses and children have been disqualified from applying for permanent residence.

Attorney Collins has practiced criminal law for 30 years.  Attorney Collins now limits his criminal practice to advising defense attorneys and clients of the immigration consequences of arrests and/or convictions for clients who are not U.S. citizens. Attorney Collins suggests alternative dispositions that do not result in removal proceedings or allows the client to apply for a waiver of deportability if the client was placed in removal proceedings.

We Understand How To Protect Your Immigration Status in the United States

Attorney Collins helps you resolve your criminal case as effectively as possible taking into account the client’s particular circumstances.

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