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Immigration Is About Hope. Your Case Should Rest On A Whole Lot More. Like Our Experience.

At our law firm, Collins & Martin, P.C., we understand immigration law. We know how much is riding on most applications. The concern, tension and fear that many of our clients exhibit are genuine. Many have come from questionable circumstances from dangerous parts of the world and arrive in Connecticut hopeful of starting a new life in the U.S.

Decades Of Experience With Immigration

We have been practicing immigration law for many years. Anthony Collins and Nancy Martin each have more than 20 years of legal experience. Our firm can provide clients with the guidance they need to navigate the alphabet soup of government agencies (ICE, CBP, DHS, CIS, DOL) with their immigration matter.

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Our Lawyers Work To Achieve Your Goals

Some immigration matters may be straightforward, such as helping an executive needing to obtain H-1B status. Others may be very involved and complex, implicating multiple immigration agencies and dozens or hundreds of immigration statutes and regulations.

Our attorneys understand the web of laws that entangle immigration issues and how they work together or conflict, such as when criminal law charges occur to immigrants. They are dedicated to helping their clients reach their desired immigration goal. If that is not possible, they will assist in achieving the most reasonable and practicable outcome for a particular situation.

We Can Clarify The Confusing…And Much Of Immigration Law Can Confuse

There is little that is simple or intuitive regarding immigration law. Most of it is governed by agency regulations that may be worded in complex bureaucratic language. In addition, these statutes and regulations are subject to interpretation by immigration courts and multiple levels of federal court. We know how this material works and can translate it for our clients.

To the unwary, it is a process filled with many points that can lead to confusion, delays and denials. Our attorneys can help make a difficult and cumbersome process function as well as possible and prevent inadvertent errors from derailing your immigration matter.

Learn How We Can Help

The first step is scheduling a consultation so we can review your situation, answer your questions and recommend a course of action. We are confident that during that first meeting, you will gain a strong sense of our commitment to provide personalized legal counsel to every client we serve.

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