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Success Stories

Recent success stories

Instead of featuring individual cases as success stories, today we feature the I-601A provisional waiver program.  Since the program began in March 2013, we have processed many, many of these waivers. We have processed waivers for people from countries all over the world.  We are happy to report that based on our careful preparation and experience, we have had a phenomenal rate of success! The provisional waiver is currently available to immediate relatives of United States citizens whose only immigration issue is unlawful presence.  For those who qualify, this process provides a meaningful way to obtain status as a lawful permanent resident.  Although applicants must still return to their country for final processing, our experience has been that the time spent outside of the United States for processing is less than one month.

If you would like to learn more about this excellent program, please call the office at 860-761-3400 to schedule an appointment.

2 DACA   /  2 Work permit – VAWA   /  I-130 – LPR spouse
2 I-601A provisional waiver  /   3 Work permit
Recommended approval asylum  /   I-90
I-601A  2  /  Asylum approval
I-90  /   I-765 – 3
I-130 – Spousal  /   I-601A
I-765 LPR  /   I-765 DACA
DACA  /   I-765 TPS
I-465  /   I-130 (2)
N-600 – approval
I-765 – 3  /   DACA
I-601 – 5 months Peru  /   I-130 husband for wife (2)
I-485 based on marriage  /   U visa  /   U-Visa green card
U visa certification  /   Work permit – uvisa  /   Daca work permit – 3
DACA renewal – 2  /   I-130 stepmother for stepson
Work permit – stay  /   I-130 husband for wife
485 – marriage based – 2  /   765 – 8  /   I-130 husband for husband
I-130 husband for wife  /   I-360 VAWA
DACA renewal  /   DACA
Stay of removal – 2
I-130 for USC for mother  /   TPS
I-765  /   I-130 for child of USC under 21 – (2)
Refugee/asylum relative petition (3)  /   DACA – 1

I-765 (4)
I-730 (3)
DACA Renewal
Motion to Reopen

Fiance petition
Work permit – 4
I-130 – spouse of USC -2
Fiancee petition with waiver

Work permit – 4
I-130 -3
485 -1
DACA renewal
I-601A provisional waiver

I-130 reaffirmation after NOIR
I-90 -2

I-751 – 2

LPR through marriage – 3
I-130 marriage 3
I-130 parent for child
I-765 work permit 6
I-601A waiver approval
Joint Motion to Reopen to allow adjustment of status

I-765- marriage
I-765 based on stay (2)
I-130 for adult stepson
I-360 (VAWA)

601A waiver
Work permit
485 based on asylum

I-130 wife for husband
601 A approval

Work permit
I-130 for stepdaughter
I-130 for wife
Permanent residence (2)
Work permit
Approved I-130 (2 months!)
Approved I-130
Approved I-130 for USC minor child
I-765 (DACA)

601A waiver – 2
Permanent residence based on fiancée visa (3)
Permanent residence based on U visa (2)
Work permit (permanent residence pending)
Work permit (permanent residence pending)
I-130 wife for husband

I-130 approval wife for husband (2)
TPS Liberia approval
DACA renewal
Reaffirmation of I-130 following NOID
VAWA approval

Green card based on brother sister
Green card based on brother/sister/derivative
DACA renewal and work permit (3)
Work permit pursuant to U visa
I-130 LPR Spouses
Work permit (in removal proceedings)
I-130 USC spouses
Work permit (permanent residence)
Work permit (VAWA)

3 work permits (TPS)
1 I-130 in contemplation of 601A
I-601A approval
I-130 approval after NOID
I-130 approval for 601A process
I-485 based on marriage

DACA renewal
Work permit (DACA)
I-130 in contemplation of 601A
I-130 (son for father)
Work permit ( adjustment of status)

Work permit (DACA) 3
Two naturalizations approved after interview
DACA renewal (4)
Work permit based on adjustment
I-130 approval – US wife for husband in contemplation of 601A (2)

Stay of removal
I-130 USC wife for husband in contemplation of 601 A

Work permit based on stay (2)
Asylum after interview for client (and 4 derivatives) from Honduras
Work permit based on adjustment of status
I-130 approval (in contemplation of 601A)
Work permit based on DACA (renewal)

Work permit (deferred action U visa)
Late re-registration TPS (Haiti)
Work permit (adjustment of status)
I-130 USC daughter for mother
Work permits (order of supervision) 2
DACA approval (3)
DACA work permit (2)
I-130 USC spouse – in contemplation of 601A
I-212 – permission to re-enter after order of removal
Work permit (adjustment of status)
I-130 – USCS son for father
Work permit – adjustment of status in removal proceedings
Work permit – cancellation of removal (2)
I-130 – Stepfather for daughter
I-601A provisional waiver
USC son for father Adjustment of status (245i)
I-130 wife for husband in contemplation of 601A
I-130 USC son for mother (visa processing)

DACA approval
DACA work permit (2)
Work permit – removal proceedings (3)
4 Naturalizations approved at interview
I-130 – USC child for mother (2)
I-130 – USC child for father
I-601A approval
Motion to reopen removal proceedings
Work permit (adjustment of status)(5)
Work permit (order of supervision) (3)
Prosecutorial discretion granted – removal case closed
U visa certification

Transfer of venue granted from California to Hartford
U visa for mother and two derivatives

Work permit – adjustment (2)
I-130 in contemplation of 601A (2)
Provisional waiver – I-601A
VAWA work permit

I-130 – USC for mother
DACA work permit
DACA – Advanced parole
I-130 Husband for wife in contemplation of 601A (2)

Stay of removal I-130 in contemplation of 601A
Work permit – adjustment

Approved I-130
Approved work permit – U visa
U- visa – derivative (2)
U- visa – principal
Approval of I-601A following initial denial (2)
Parole in place
Work permit –cancellation in immigration court
Work permit – Order of supervision
Travel document based on TPS

Work authorization (permanent residence pending)
Work authorization (order of supervision)
Work authorization (parole in place)

Work authorization (court case)
Work Authorization (order of supervision)
Lawful permanent residence (VAWA)
I-130 approval – USC child for parent (2)
Work authorization (adjustment of status)
Work permit – TPS
Naturalization after interview

Work authorization (adjustment of status)
Work permit (prosecutorial discretion)
Adjustment of status (mother of US citizen)
Stay of removal
I-130 – USC wife for husband
I-601A provisional waiver

Work permit (adjustment USC daughter for mother)
Work permit (2) order of supervision)
Work permit – VAWA
Work permit – (2) DACA
I-130 – USC wife for husband – in contemplation of 601A
Work permit – (2) TPS
Naturalization approved after interview – 2
I-130 – USC wife for husband (2)
Work permit – adjustment USC son for father
Fiance’ petition – Colombia
I-485 – USC wife for husband
Work permit – order of supervision
Work permit DACA
Stay of removal

12/8/ 2015
Stay of removal granted
Permanent residence for husband of USC wife
Work permit based on adjustment of status
DACA renewal
Work permit based on adjustment
Work permit based on DACA
Work permit based on DACA
Stay of Removal

12/14/ 2015
I-130 adult son of USC

12/16/ 2015
2 naturalizations after interview
Work permit based on approved I-360
I-130 approval – USC husband for wife
Work permit – based on stay
Work permit – DACA
I-130 in contemplation of 601A

Work permit – order of supervision
U visa (with derivatives)
Work permit – immigration court
Work permit – marriage case
I-130 (USC mother for daughters (2))
Work permit (adjustment) -3
Stay of removal
I-130 – USC father for unmarried child under 21 (3)
Work permit – order of supervision
Green card based on 601A

Naturalization after interview (client had been denied before bringing case to us)
Work permit (DACA) (2)
DACA renewal

1/9/ 2016
Permanent residence after interview – mother of USC
2 DACA work permits

1/19/ 2016
Work permit (order of supervision) (2)
Work permit (VAWA)
I-130 USC husband for wife
1/25/ 2016
USC wife for husband in contemplation of I-601A
LPR for father based on USC son – no interview
Work permit based on asylum
LPR for mother based on USC daughter (after interview)
LPR for husband based on wife after interview

Remand decision from BIA reversing finding of marriage fraud in previous visa petition
LPR for spouse of USC after interview
Motion to terminate removal proceedings to allow processing for LPR w/USCIS
Approved I-130 – USC stepfather for daughter
3 stays of removal
Work permit – adjustment of status
LPR following approval of fiancee petition
I-130 in contemplation of 601A


Historias recientes de éxito

En vez de publicar las historias de éxito para casos individuales, hoy vamos a publicar el programa provisional para el perdón I-601A.  Desde que el programa comenzó en Marzo del 2013, nosotros hemos procesado muchos de estos perdones.  Nosotros hemos procesado perdones para personas de países atreves del mundo entero.  Estamos contentos de reportarles que basado en nuestra preparación cuidadosa y nuestra experiencia, hemos tenido una tasa de éxito fenomenal!  En este momento el perdón provisional está disponible para parientes inmediatos de ciudadanos estadunidenses cuyos problemas de inmigración son solamente la presencia ilegal en los Estados Unidos.  Para aquellos que califican, este proceso provee una manera significativa para obtener estatus como un residente permanente.  Aunque los solicitantes tienen que volver a su país para la ultima parte del proceso, nuestra experiencia a sido que el tiempo fuera de los Estados Unidos es menos de un mes.

Si usted quiere aprender más de este programa excelente , favor de llamar a nuestra oficina at 860-761-3400 para hacer una cita.

Successes from 5/28/2014 through 6/20/2014


1    DACA approval
1    I-751 approval (with waiver following divorce) (removal of condition on permanent
residence/10 year green card)
3    I-130 visa petition approval, wife for husband
3    I-485 (green card) approval based on marriage
1    I-601A provisional waiver approval (permitting spouse to use accelerated visa
processing procedure)
3      successful approvals for minor children visa processing based on visa petitions filed by parents
5    work permit approvals
1    601 waiver of fraud approval

Removal proceedings

1.       We represented a client in removal proceedings who had a long history in the United States and many connections to the United States.  When he first arrived in the United States, he committed marriage fraud.  He was placed in removal proceedings after unsuccessfully applying for citizenship. We argued to the immigration judge that, despite his mistake in committing marriage fraud, he should be allowed to remain in the United States based on the favorable factors in the case.  The immigration judge disagreed and ordered him removed.  We appealed the case to the Board of Immigration Appeals. The Board of Immigration Appeals agreed with our argument and we won the appeal. Our client will be able to remain in the United States with his family.

2.       We represented a client in Connecticut Superior Court where she was facing serious sexual assault charges.  We successfully defended that case so that client was only convicted of a misdemeanor. We then represented her in removal proceedings where she applied for permanent resident status based on a visa petition filed by her husband.  In order to get her green card, the immigration judge had to grant a waiver.  The judge denied the waiver and we appealed the case to the BIA.  We won the appeal. Our client will receive her green card.

Visa processing after removal

Our client had been ordered removed from the United States because she falsely claimed to be a United States citizen.  Her claim was made a long time ago so she was eligible for a waiver but the
immigration judge denied the waiver.  Our client returned to her country.  We applied for the waiver for her again and the waiver was granted.  She will be allowed to return to the U.S. to be with her family.

Successes from 5/22/2014 to 5/27/2014

1   Visa petition approved Husband/Wife
1   I-751 approval/ (10 year green card)

2   Lawful permanent resident approval (green card)
One of these cases was initially denied because USCIS found that the applicant had failed to prove the hardship necessary to qualify for the fraud waiver that he needed. We persuaded USCIS to reopen this case and ultimately to approve the waiver and the green card

2   Naturalization/Citizenship approvals
One of these approvals came on a case that first required us to persuade USCIS to take action on a case that had been pending for 8 months.  USCIS scheduled a second interview.
By preparing our client for the interview and working through some difficult issues, we were able to help our client obtain citizenship.

1 Employment Authorization/Work permit approval
1 Motion to Reopen
We persuaded DHS to agree to reopen a case in which our client had been ordered removed.
By reopening the case, we eliminated the removal order so that our client could go forward on the
visa petition that a relative had filed.

2 successful bond hearings during which the judge agreed to set bond for two individuals who were previously being held in mandatory detention/no bond.

Successes from May 19 – May 21, 2014

4 Work Permit approvals
1 Family Based Immigrant Visa approval
2 Permanent Resident approvals (one based on marriage, one based on same sex marriage)
1 Temporary Protected Status approval
1 Religious Worker visa approval
1 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA approval)
1 Naturalization Approval

Progresos Adquiridos

Progreso adquirido durante el periodo del 28 de mayo del 2014 al 20 de junio del 2014


1 Aplicación de DACA aprobada
1 Aplicación I-751 aprobada (con un perdón luego de un divorcio) (para remover la condición de la residencia permanente/tarjeta de residencia vigente por 10 años)
3 Aplicaciones I-130, petición para la visa, aprobadas, esposa pidiendo a su esposo
3 Aplicaciones I-485 (tarjeta de residencia) aprobadas basadas en matrimonio
1 Aplicación I-601A, perdón provisional, aprobada (permitiéndole al cónyuge usar el procedimiento acelerado para obtener la visa)
3 Aprobaciones adquiridas por niños menores haciendo su procedimiento para obtener la visa basado en peticiones para la visa sometidas por los padres
5 Permisos de trabajo aprobados
1 Aplicación 601, perdón por fraude, aprobada


1.      Nuestra oficina representó un cliente en proceso de deportación que tenía una larga historia en los Estados Unidos y muchas conexiones a los Estados Unidos.  Cuando el llego a los Estados Unidos por primera vez, el cometió fraude de matrimonio.  Luego aplicó para su ciudadanía, fue negado, y luego lo pusieron en proceso de deportación.  Nuestra oficina argumentó con el juez de inmigración, indicando, que a pesar de su error en cometer fraude de matrimonio, deben de permitirle quedarse en los Estados Unidos basado en los factores favorables de su caso.  El juez de inmigración no estuvo de acuerdo y ordenó su deportación de los Estados Unidos.  Nuestra oficina apeló el caso a la Junta de Apelaciones. La Junta de Apelaciones estuvo de acuerdo con nuestra argumentación y ganamos la apelación. Nuestro cliente podrá quedarse en los Estados Unidos con su familia.

2.      Nuestra oficina representó un cliente en la Corte Superior de Connecticut en donde ella estaba enfrentándose a cargos serios de asalto sexual.  Nuestra oficina defendió ese caso victoriosamente y nuestro cliente solo fue condenada por un delito menor.  Luego, la representamos en su caso de deportación donde ella aplicó por su residencia permanente basada en una petición para la visa sometida por su esposo.  Para poder obtener su tarjeta de residencia, el juez de inmigración tenía que conceder un perdón.  El juez negó el perdón y nuestra oficina apeló el caso a la Junta de Apelaciones. Nuestra oficina ganó la apelación.  Nuestro cliente recibirá su tarjeta de residencia.

Proceso para obtener la visa después de la deportación

Nuestro cliente había sido deportada de los Estados Unidos porque ella falsamente reclamó ser ciudadana de los Estados Unidos.  Ella había reclamado eso hace tiempo y por lo tanto ella era elegible para un perdón, pero el juez de inmigración le negó el perdón.  Nuestro cliente volvió a su país. Nuestra oficina volvió a aplicar para el perdón de nuestro cliente y el perdón fue aprobado.  A ella le permitirán volver a los Estados Unidos para estar con su familia.

Progreso adquirido durante el periodo del 22 de mayo al 27 de mayo del 2014

1 Visa basada en una petición de cónyuges aprobada
1 Aprobación de la aplicación I-751/(tarjeta de residencia vigente por 10 años)

2 Casos de residencia permanente aprobados (tarjeta de residencia)
Originalmente, uno de estos casos había sido negado porque inmigración determino que el beneficiario
no pudo demostrar el sufrimiento necesario para calificar para el perdón de fraude necesario.
Nosotros convencimos a inmigración que reabriera este caso y que finalmente aprobaran el perdón y
la tarjeta de residencia.

2 casos de ciudadanía aprobados
Una de estas aprobaciones se trata de un caso que originalmente requería que nosotros consiguiéramos que inmigración tomara acción en un caso que había estado irresuelto por 8 meses.
Inmigración los cito para una segunda entrevista.  Nosotros preparamos a nuestro cliente para la entrevista y luchamos con algunos asuntos dificultosos, y como resultado, pudimos ayudar a nuestro cliente a obtener su ciudadanía.

1 Permiso de trabajo aprobado

1 Moción para reabrir el caso con la corte de inmigración
Nosotros convencimos al departamento de inmigración que reabriera el caso de nuestro cliente en el cual le habían dado una orden de deportación.  Al reabrir el caso, nosotros eliminamos la orden de deportación, y como resultado, nuestro cliente pudo proceder con la petición para su visa, la cual su pariente ya le había sometido.

2 audiencias para fianzas con resultados positivos en las cuales el juez acordó darle fianza a dos individuos quienes previamente estaban en detención mandataría sin fianza.

Progreso adquirido durante el periodo del 19 de mayo al 21 de mayo del 2014

4 Permisos de Trabajo aprobados
1 Caso de Visa de Inmigrante basada en una Petición de Familia aprobado
2 Casos para la Residencia Permanente aprobados (uno basado en una petición de matrimonio y
el otro basado en una petición de matrimonio del mismo sexo)
1 Caso de Protección Temporal en los Estados Unidos (TPS) aprobado
1 Visa de Trabajador(a) Religioso(a) aprobada
1 Caso de Acción Deferida para la Entrada de los Niños(as) (DACA aprobada)
1 Caso de Ciudadanía aprobado